The step by step to get a good credit card and not die trying

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Something that is worrisome in the country is the way in which Colombians handle their credit cards. In 2018, the plastic that marked 15 million was issued, identifying that many people had more than one, and although this is not a crime or something negative, borrow from it, spend more than you have or divide everything into installments, It does become a problem.

The world of credit cards can be very seductive and the key to mastering and using them to your advantage is to have the right information. So, what is the step by step to get the plastic that suits you and handle it correctly? If you want to know, you’ve arrived at the right place!


Be sure to understand what they are

Be sure to understand what they are

First, do you understand what a credit card is? It may sound mocking, but the truth is that many people associate their card with extra money; they usually see it as a salary increase when it has nothing to do with it. Having a plastic does not mean you have more money or freeway to spend more. Simply, that you can acquire certain goods and services without the need to pay immediately for them; that is, they “lend” the money.


Know the payments you must make

Know the payments you must make

Not only will you pay for what you buy, but, in case you defer the expense to several installments, you will also have to pay interest and these will depend on the rate granted by the bank or the financial entity with which you are looking for the card.

Now, these are not the only costs associated with plastic. There are insurances that are charged monthly, as well as the handling fee, but in some cases, the latter can be waived. For example, they ask you to have a minimum amount of consumption every month, and if you meet, you can exonerate some of these payments. Another additional payment has to do with cash advances. In most cases, commissions are charged upon completion, depending on the cashier or means by which it is made.


Look for a card with additional benefits

Look for a card with additional benefits

Did you know that when you buy a plastic, the financial institution offers you different benefits? So is. They can be miles, discounts in establishments, return of purchases, access to VIP soles in airports, among others. Ideally, choose those that you can really enjoy, depending on your profile. This makes having a credit card twice as convenient.


Do not marry any option

Do not marry any option

The worst decision is to choose the first. Do not marry a bank if you have not reviewed before what are the proposals of other entities, as you could miss something interesting or that suits you more. Rather than being guided by advertisements, look for real opinions from people and use web tools that give you the information you need, such as Princess Jane’s credit card comparator. By using this type of tools, you will be able to know what the interest rate offered by each bank is, what benefits, what additional charges, among others, and everything in an orderly manner to be clear about each of the points.


Don’t be afraid to ask and ask again

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When in doubt, do not make any decisions. Remember that it is the duty of the financial advisor to answer all your questions, until there are no more doubts and you are calm with the decision you will make. Do not forget, information is the best weapon for financial success.


Should you withdraw cash?

Should you withdraw cash?

Seeing your card as a source of cash is not something that suits you. It is normal for financial institutions to have a higher interest rate for these cases and to charge additional fees, which means that the money you withdraw ends up costing you much more expensive than you think. If you need cash, it is more convenient for a consumer loan, such as a free investment one.

Financial experts recommend that you do not use your plastic for this purpose, unless it is an emergency, and still, seek to return it in the shortest possible time.


Aim to be a totalero

Aim to be a totalero

Being a totalero means paying your consumption in a single installment. What is the immediate consequence of this? That he will not pay interest and, in addition, he will learn to differentiate when to use his card and when not, as well as when to stop, since he will not be able to afford the expense at the end of the month. Being a totalero is something very well valued by banks and earns points for your credit history.

That does not mean that you cannot use installment financing at any time. The fees are recommended when the expense is very large and can destabilize your budget. In that case, financing for a maximum of three or six months will help.

[10 Requirements] TO REQUEST Minicredit

Anyone can be included in Good Finance. This is because there is no minimum amount of debt that has resulted in such inclusion, for example for a debt of five euros and a person can already be included in this list of delinquents.

It can also happen that the debt does not exist and is being claimed, in which case it is necessary to prove it in order to get off the list of delinquents.

If this is the case, it is also possible to claim compensation in the event that the inclusion in Good Finance has caused damages, such as the denial of a credit or loan, the impossibility of contracting a service, not being able to sign a rental contract due to distrust of the owner, or the loss of investors or suppliers due to this circumstance.

The data of a person can not be more than six years in Good Finance.


Before this period of time, the only way to leave Good Finance is to pay the debt .

Once the debt is paid, the creditor has the obligation to notify the company that owns the delinquent file, but they do not always do so.

In that case, it is the debtor who should contact the company in charge of Good Finance, prove that he has paid the debt and require that his data be withdrawn.

All this can be done through the Internet.

Requirements to request a mini-loan with Good Finance

I am in Good Finance and I need money

I am in Good Finance and I need money

It is possible to need money to borrow a debt and leave Good Finance , or for any other eventuality that may arise.

When a person is in Good Finance, it may be difficult to find financing, in fact in a bank it will be impossible.

However, some private equity companies do grant mini-credits to people whose data is in this list of delinquents .

They understand that the situations that have resulted in indebtedness that has not been able to face can be punctual and also the different reasons why a person can be in this situation.

In this way, even if you are in Good Finance, do not despair.

Using a comparator of credits and loans , such as Crediteria, you will find all private equity lending companies that grant mini-loans while being in Good Finance .

10 Requirements to request a mini-loan while in Good Finance

10 Requirements to request a mini-loan while in Good Finance

In fact, to request a mini-loan while in Good Finance , the requirements that private equity lenders ask for are the same as those requested by people whose data is not included in a list of delinquents.

The only difference is that some companies lend money to these people and others do not, so a credit comparator is the fastest way to know which lender to go to .

The requirements necessary to request a mini-loan while in Good Finance will vary from one lender to another, but in general they are:

  • Being of legal age and not exceeding the age limit that each lender company stipulates . Some private equity companies consider that the majority of financial age is at 21, others at 18.
  • Present ID or NIE to verify identity . This will be done, in most cases, by sending a scanned copy by email or through the application form.
  • Reside in Spain permanently . In the case of foreigners, some private equity companies will request a minimum of years of residence in Spain and some document proving it, such as the certificate of registration or service invoices in the name of the applicant.
  • Being the owner of a bank account belonging to a bank located in Spanish territory, the money will reach that account . It is possible to request money from any part of the world in which the applicant is, but the money will be deposited in a Spanish bank. To make use of it, it will depend on the facilities that the applicant has to remove it from the place where it is located.
  • Have sufficient income to meet the payment of the mini-loan within the time frame agreed upon . Some private equity companies do not take into account where that income comes from, it can be from a payroll, pension, scholarship, lease, etc. They will take into account that they are sufficient after having faced the fixed expenses that the applicant has to face each month, such as rent or mortgage, other credits, food, services … The amount of money that the lender will leave to its Client will depend on the debt limit of this. The debt limit corresponds to 35 or 40% of the money that a person has left each month after having met their fixed expenses.
  • Good Finance . Each private equity lender has its conditions to accept a person whose data is in a list of delinquents. Depending on the origin of the debt and the amount, they will decide whether to grant a mini-loan or not. In general, companies that advertise that they grant mini-credits while in Good Finance are quite flexible.
  • Provide a mobile phone number, as it may be necessary to send the confirmation code . Some lenders will also request an email address.
  • Be assured that the money will be able to be returned in the agreed time. The repayment period of the mini-credits is very short , on average 30 days. If it is not returned within that period, penalties and interest on late payment will be entered, with which the debt will increase. Some private equity companies offer the possibility of requesting an extension, others do not . Before accepting the money, it is necessary to inform and understand the agreement to be signed. Some private equity companies also offer the opportunity to return the money before the agreed term without any penalty, thus paying less interest.

If you want to know more about loans with Good Finance because you are on this list of delinquents and debtors, in our complete guide you have all the information and the keys to get them to accept it, in addition to a list of companies that offer this type of credit, safer and more reliable way.