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Moneisha loan costs

Moneisha loan costs

Moneisha belongs to Optima Sp. z o. o. which has its headquarters in GdaƄsk. Its offer includes installment loans granted to small businesses. Various repayment systems are included. Loans for a period of 13, 26 or 52 weeks are foreseen, which is a great convenience for customers because they can flexibly adjust the deadline to their options.

Moneisha offers professional service from advisors. They are ready to give advice via the Internet. Consultants visit borrowers at a later stage of the process, at the customer’s headquarters. The company specializes in installment loans. The offer he proposes is addressed to people running their own business. The first loan can be up to 25,000 PLN, and installments can be from 74 PLN upwards. This is a very attractive proposition that should be considered when we need money.

Non-bank loan for entrepreneurs

Non-bank loan for entrepreneurs

Moneisha addresses its loan to small businesses, and Optima to private individuals. The company offers financial support in the event of accumulating expenses that need to be met quickly. It may be necessary to settle taxes or ZUSEM fees. Sometimes an entrepreneur has a chance to take advantage of any fortune-telling opportunity. Unfortunately, this requires investment first, which is why Moneisha is able to support him in such a need. It is worth not giving up the opportunities that are happening to us. When we believe in our future success, it pays to make a calculation and consider contacting Moneisha. It can be very profitable given the favorable terms of the loan and the possibility of spreading it into installments. Another advantage of this option is the flexible choice of time to pay the amount that the customer chooses. Not all companies offer repayment options over 52 weeks. That is why the loan offer is even more noteworthy.

Benefits of borrowing with Moneisha

Benefits of borrowing with Moneisha

Another advantage of using this offer is the option to include the cost of the loan in the costs of your business. This is especially important for people who want to maintain a positive credit history. The advantages of Moneisha’s proposal also undoubtedly include the fact that the formalities do not include the need to provide a printout of profits. It is required to present the printout of turnover from the cash register. This is a convenience for people who are afraid that their profits may play a key role when considering an installment loan application. It can therefore be concluded that the application process for financial support is very transparent and easy.

Moneisha – minimum formalities

Moneisha - minimum formalities

Moneisha is another attractive loan offer just for proof. Minimized formalities undoubtedly make it even more interesting for business owners. Moneisha can offer them the resources they need for development. This non-banking institution is also aware that sometimes the loan repayment can take a little longer. For this reason, it makes it possible to spread the installments over a favorable period.

Moneisha – requirements for the borrower

Moneisha - requirements for the borrower

Moneisha’s offer includes people who have been running their own business for at least 6 months. It must be recorded in the CEIDG register. In addition, the customer applying for a loan must have an identity card, tax identification number and REGON number. In addition, he must agree to verify his presence in the following systems: BIK, ERIF, KRD. It is worth mentioning here that not every entry in the database cancels the chance of getting a installment loan in Moneisha. It is also important that an entrepreneur applying for financial support must have his company’s turnover recorded at the cash register. If you meet these conditions, you can apply for a installment loan from Moneisha. However, it should be taken into account that the decision to grant it depends on the applicant’s positive credit history. A non-bank institution is forced to introduce such checking methods. He does it for the sake of his and his client’s safety.

Moneisha – can be split into 74 installments

Moneisha - can be split into 74 installments

It is worth considering taking out a loan, since we can adjust the repayment period to our capabilities and meet repayments even within a year. The amounts proposed by the non-bank institution are also attractive. Hence, such a loan is a great support for entrepreneurs when there is a chance for a promising investment or payment of expenses related to running a business.

Moneisha – loan application process

Moneisha - loan application process

If we meet the above-mentioned conditions, we can contact the non-bank institution in two ways. The first is the telephone method, the second is to complete the form, which is available on the Moneisha website. Then a consultant contacts the potential borrower. He presents the offer and then arranges a meeting with an adviser who is responsible for the further stages of the process. The adviser visits the client at the place where the applicant’s business point is located. This visit is used to collect a printout from the cash register and prepare a contract. When it is signed, the lender transfers the cash. Importantly, the application is reviewed within an hour. If a positive decision is made, the money can reach the applicant within 3 hours.
The customer is obliged to pay the installments on time. If he cannot meet it, he must pay interest. However, he makes such a decision consciously, because all the conditions are transferred at the time of signing the contract with the non-bank institution. Therefore, an installment loan is an option for conscientious people who can consistently give away subsequent parts of a financial liability.

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