7 things to know about Austin’s cuisine: noodles from San Fran’s ramen shop in town

Editor’s note: We understood. It can be hard to keep up with the fast pace of Austin’s restaurant and bar scene. We’ve got you covered with our regular roundup of essential food news.


One of the most popular ramen restaurants in San Francisco, Marufuku Ramen, just announced its arrival in Austin on October 5, making it the second location in Texas after Frisco. This franchise specializes in Hakata Style Tonkotsu Ramen, made with bone broth and thinner than usual noodles. The portions also seem slightly smaller than the bowls currently popping around Austin. The menu extends to other grilled and fried dishes such as karaage (fried chicken) and chashu (pork belly) buns. More information about Mueller’s Restaurant (1900 Aldrich Street Suite 180) as it becomes available on marufukuramen.com.

Other news and notes

Readers may have already heard that the food magazine Enjoy your meal selected 50 cool restaurants to represent best new restaurants in the usabut a hot shot from Austin made it all the way to the Top 10. canje, the Caribbean restaurant of Austin star pastry chef Tavel Bristol-Joseph, has been recognized for its intricacy in incorporating “layers” of ethnic influence. “Even before the coconut milk-soaked tres leches cake hits the table, you’ll understand exactly what makes Canje one of the best new restaurants in the country,” writes Hilary Cadigan.

Mini East Austin Restaurant Complex Bento picnic wrings out every drop of this season with its “End of Summer Harvest Festival”, a collaboration with Farmshare Austin, Vermillion Farms, Lightsey Farms and Greener Pastures Chicken. Saba San’s, the wine store inside Bento Picnic, curates the wines with the help of Summer Revival Wine Co. The guided pairing menu is only a suggestion, and customers can tour the stations on their own pace while getting to know the farmers and winemakers. Tickets ($18-76) available at sabasans.com.

Farm deliverya grocery service that focuses on Texas produce, is now delivers beer and wine as well as its products, meats, pastries, prepared meals, etc. Deliveries from brands like Austin Beerworks, Wine for the People, Meanwhile Brewing and Southold Farm & Cellar will be available from September 16. On September 29, to celebrate and familiarize Austinites with the catalog, Farmhouse Delivery will visit the Austin Beerworks refreshment bar with samples. RSVP to Eventbrite for a free beer while you’re there.

A collaboration between Japanese-inspired cocktail bar water trade and a busy ice cream shop Besame create a special shaved ice treat called kakigōri. The Watertrade Wild Weekend (WWW) combines almost too many flavors to keep up with: yuzu-lemon-ginger ice cream, fuji apple and mint-shiso kakigōri form a base. They are topped with a sake by-product paste, white boba pearls, Japanese molasses syrup, and roasted soybean powder. Matcha Pocky Sticks and mint leaves tie it all together. Anyone who is ready to tackle this juggernaut can do so at the Bésame trailer at Meanwhile, September 17 and 18 from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Mexico’s Independence Day arrives on September 16, coinciding with the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, and Fonda San Miguel celebrate both. Chefs Blanca Zesati and Carlos Monroy offer a traditional seasonal dish that’s hard (but not impossible) to find around Austin. These peppers in nogada are usually stuffed with meat, candied fruit and nuts, covered with a walnut cream sauce and garnished with pomegranate seeds. Book one for September 17 by calling (512) 459-3401.

For September Xolovino Wine Club, Nixta Taqueria hosts Jorge Gaviria de Masiendaa gourmet store selling everything related to the process of making tortillas, from whole almonds to comales, to the baskets to transport them. Gaviria celebrates the cookbook launch, MASA: Techniques, recipes and reflections on a timeless staple. Of course, the night’s four-course menu focuses on masa paired with wine selections. BookPeople will join in selling copies of the book. Tickets ($100) for the 8:30 a.m. slot are still available on Tock; hurry to reserve a few remaining places.

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