Contra Costa County health officials urge residents to get vaccinated – NBC Bay Area


Vaccine recipient Tryonne Barnes knows better than anyone the importance of getting vaccinated, especially after her cousin dies from the virus.

Her cousin was a 46-year-old Muni bus driver from Antioch who died of COVID-19 last year.

“It’s serious, it’s not a game,” Barnes said. “I recommend everyone to get the vaccine.”

Contra Costa County health worker Dr Chris Farnitano said now that a majority of the county’s elderly population is vaccinated, it is the youngest unvaccinated who are contracting the deadly virus.

“Not getting the vaccine means you are still at risk for COVID, and COVID is becoming more and more deadly,” he said.

He told NBC Bay Area the county recorded 11 virus-related deaths last week. Three of those people were in their sixties, two in their fifties and two in their forties.

Although Contra Costa County has plenty of vaccines available and walk-in clinics that don’t require an appointment, the pace has slowed.

As of Wednesday, only more than 50 people were vaccinated at a vaccination site in Pittsburg.

“We want to encourage people to get vaccinated,” said Federal Glover, Contra Costa County Supervisor.

The county hopes those who hesitate will change their mind. Anthony Davi said he was frustrated that he couldn’t get an early appointment, but having a clinic in his neighborhood made it easier.

“If we all do this, we’ll get through it faster,” he said. “I firmly believe in it.”

Barne’s cousin died before the vaccines were available. He said he would not go on to be protected.


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