Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) Receives $300,000 Community Grant from California Air Resources Board (CARB) for Youth Air Quality Advocates (YAQA) Project in East San Jose to Combat Air Pollution

Young people have the talent and the will to help us meet the challenges of climate change. The YAQA program is the perfect resource for our community to engage our students and empower them in their stewardship of our environment,” said the mayor of the city of San José Sam Licardo.

CARB Community Air Grants Community Air Grants are designed to establish a community-based approach to improving air quality and reducing exposure to toxic air pollutants at the neighborhood level. AB 617 requires CARB to work with stakeholders to address pollution at the community level.

“East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD) supports and is committed to working collaboratively on the YAQA program, said ESUHSD Assistant Superintendent of Education, Therese Marquez.

The two-year YAQA project is a hands-on program designed to educate high school students about pollution, enable them to build low-cost air sensors and analyze the data. The project will help students understand how local policies affect air pollution and empower them to influence change in their communities.

BAAQMD Veronique Eady said, “The Air District is especially excited about projects that strengthen the youth engagement component of our work, especially youth in East San Jose, one of Air District AB 617’s priority communities. ”

The YAQA project will use both off-the-shelf sensors and BackpAQ, a kit designed by SSV that allows students to build their own sensors. Both types of sensors collect information on outdoor (PM2.5) and indoor (CO2) pollution.

California State Senator Dave Cortese said, “I am especially pleased to support this environmental justice program that will serve our students and provide them with tools to become lifelong stewards of our planet.

The YAQA project is supported by the non-profit organization “think & do tank” Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) in partnership with TD Environmental Services (TDE).

To learn more about YAQA, contact the SSV Air Quality & Mobility Director, Andre Clarkat [email protected].

SOURCE Sustainable Silicon Valley

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